Documentary  ZU ENDE LEBEN, 91.00 Min, (CH, Finland)

It is easy to plan life and suppress death. While consumerism and restlessness is prevalent in society, confronting loss and grief is increasingly shunned. Director Rebecca Panian wants to break this taboo. In ZU ENDE LEBEN, she accompanied the 51-year-old Thomas, who suffered from a brain tumour, over several months. She also asked Swiss personalities, among others from the fields of culture, media, medicine and religion, to contemplate the subject of death. Thomas’ self-testimony and the reflections of the other protagonists, including Franz Hohler, Pedro Lenz and Kurt Aeschbacher, are distilled into an impressive collage. A film that deals with death, but is bursting with life.

The film won the Audience Award at the Zurich Film Festival in 2014. (Interview with director)

& Writer Rebecca Panian Concept Rebecca Panian, Elena Ibello, Kaspar Fopp  | Producer  Rudolf Isler  | DoP Rebecca Panian, Aladin Hasic, Marcus Adam, Stefan Dux, Sean Wirz, Simon Zangger  | Editor Rolf Lang  | Sound Design Jacques Kieffer  | Music Roman Lerch  | Production Playground Media Productions AG


Aside to the film the Wörterseh Verlag has published the book ZU ENDE DENKEN.

Below you find all the protagonists that we have interviewed for the film. All the protagonists listed below have written a text in the book. If you want to listen to a compilation of their interviews for the film, click on the name:

Adrian Naef, author
Andrea Zogg, actor and director
Andreas Thiel, comedian
Beno-Maria Kehl, social worker and ex-monk
Boris Müller-Hübenthal, director of Paracelsus-clinic
Candy Heberlein, founder of Stiftung Knochenmark
Catherine Bass, former director of Stiftung ONKO PLUS
Christine Kaderli, nurse practitioner at Onko-Spitex
Christoph Schürch, leader of Mobiles Palliative Care Team Winterthur
Daniele Muscionico, author, publicist, theater critic
Dimitri, Clown
Ernst Sieber, priest, former leader of Sozialwerk Pfarrer Sieber
Evi Ketterer, buddhist, nurse practitioner
Felix Schenker, editor-in-chief at art-tv, social psychologist
Franz Hohler, Schriftsteller
Gaston Wolf, chemist
Gilles Tschudi, actor and theater director
Gottfried Honegger, graphic designer, artist, painter, artist
Ilona Schmidt, head of nursing Service Hospice Zurich Lighthouse
Jürg C. Streuli, medical ethicist pediatric and adolescent medicine
Karin Koch, mortician
Katharina Hoby, priest
Kerstin Birkeland, mother
Kurt Aeschbacher, TV host
Malin Ackermann, orphaned sister, 10 years old
Margrit Stebler, mother, grandmother great-grandmother
Marianne Pletscher, documentary filmmaker
Michel Thali, director at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, University of Zurich
Myrtha Zürcher, companion for the Dying
Nik Hartmann, radio and tv host
Pedro Lenz, author
Peter Schneider, psychoanalyst, satirist
Ralph Kunz, theologian, lecturer and researcher
Rita Holzer, catechist
Roland Kunz, head physician for Palliative Care and Geriatrics Affoltern Hospital
Romuald Schaniel, naturopathic doctor
Rosmarie Zapfl, politician
Ruth Baumann-Hölzle, theologian and medical ethicist
Sara Pöhler-Häusermann, palliative care nurse and lecturer
Saskia Frei, president Exit Switzerland (german part)
Settimio Monteverde, ethicist, theologian, and nurse practitioner
Steven Mack, former extreme athlete (blind)
Thierry Carrel, clinic director Cardiovascular Surgery
Thomas Unteregger, ALS patient and co-founder ALS Association
Ulrich Bosshard, head of the Department of Pastoral Care of the Protestant Church of the Canton of ZH


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Ernst Göhner Stiftung
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